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PK is currently on 40% of the deepwater assets in the Gulf

PK Technology is the leader of upstream fabric maintenance inspection in North America and the FIRST to use Mobile Technology with inspection services. By combining years of service experience and the cutting-edge software, intelliSPEC™, PK offers an unrivaled advantage to maintaining and inspecting offshore assets.

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Keep Your Program Evergreen

PK created intelliSPEC™ as a data collection and visualization tool to help manage maintenance programs. We focus on proactive maintenance to help lower the cost of repairs and avoid unscheduled outages. By using intelliSPEC™, we’re able to monitor the condition of your assets and prioritize repairs based on the condition of the assets. intelliSPEC™ helps identify upcoming failures before it happens, saving you time and money.

Degree of Rust Scorecard from intelliSPEC™ Dashboard

Case Study:
intelliSPEC™ Reduces Man-Hours, Cost

Offshore Inspection

PK Technology’s industry leading inspection service programs

Fabric Maintenance

PK Technology’s full life cycle digital coating program


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PK Technology provides inspection services through intelligent solutions designed to deliver complete transparency and comprehensive knowledge to assist owner clients with making better data-driven business decisions. Moving from “thinking” to “knowing”.


Strategically placed across the United States with best in business asset integrity management and technological expertise.


Operational experts servicing onshore, offshore and other diverse industries with technical expertise on implementing asset integrity management with innovative mobile technology.

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