Offshore Inspection Services

Ensure productivity, reliability and safety through our in-house industry experts and technology.

As a leading inspection contractor, PK Technology is the first choice for clients requiring efficient and effective inspection management systems. Whether the job involves data management, safety goals, or inspection services, our experienced team of inspectors and industry-leading software are guaranteed to streamline efficiency while reducing costs.


What We Offer

PK is currently on 40% of the deepwater assets in the Gulf.

PK Technology is the leader of upstream fabric maintenance inspection in North America and the FIRST to use Mobile Technology with inspection services. By combining years of service experience and the cutting-edge software, intelliSPEC™, PK offers an unrivaled advantage to maintaining and inspecting offshore assets.

We Provide:

Offshore Fabric Maintenance Service Program

PK Technology is more than an inspection company. We offer long-term management solutions.

PK Technology’s Fabric Maintenance Service Program can provide a complete life cycle, a digital coating program that encompasses the initial survey through quality control of the coating application. As a result, our program allows you to vastly improve new construction coating efforts and the longer-term fabric maintenance program that follows. Utilizing the full life cycle approach, you can integrate all phases of the work and provide your stakeholders with a scoreboard showing the effort’s progress with KPI reports and real-time program updates.

This methodology will provide better control over your daily and monthly scheduling, assuring timely completion of the work. These improvements will further optimize the overall effort and cost resulting in a long-term coating reliability program. Implementing a successful program requires experienced coating inspectors and managers to ensure the full life cycle process is followed. While it requires sound planning and execution, it is more than worth the effort. PK Technology can scale up and scale down the process based on client needs and situations.

intellispec™ supports your inspection management

Your Data: Any Time. Any Place. Any Device.

By implementing intelliSPEC™ and the mobile platform, clients will see vast improvements of documenting inspections, inspection accuracy and inspection consistency for fixed equipment and piping assets. intelliSPEC™ is the only mobile software on the market with a direct link into the PCMS platform. intelliSPEC™’s PCMS interoperability provides the only “single source” inspection management solution that provides an array of elements to achieve a company’s integrity initiatives.

Keep Your Program Evergreen

PK created intelliSPEC™ as a data collection and visualization tool to help manage maintenance programs. We focus on proactive maintenance to help lower the cost of repairs and avoid unscheduled outages. By using intelliSPEC™, we’re able to monitor the condition of your assets and prioritize repairs based on the condition of the assets. intelliSPEC™ helps identify upcoming failures before it happens, saving you time and money.

Degree of Rust Scorecard from intelliSPEC™ Dashboard

Case Study: intelliSPEC™ Reduces Man-Hours, Cost