Flange Management

Flange Management

PK Technology specialty services for digital flange management tracking can assist with all turnaround processes. Planning is the most critical part of all turnaround projects and PK Technology uses in-house built software, intelliSPEC, and works alongside the client’s on-site TAR planning group / engineering group to increase the trackability and efficiency of the project. 

The Flange Management and Planning Process

  • Identify scope
  • Identify systems
  • Collect flange connection attributes and specs for each connection
  • Integrate data population, P&ID’s, ISO’s, and other visual documents into intelliSPEC™ DDMS
  • Define acceptance criteria matrices, KPIs and define acceptance repair criteria
  • Apply RFID tag installation and assignment (Tracking)
  • Pre-disassembly verification

The inFLANGE module of intelliSPEC™ streamlines and digitizes the flange management process.

  • Pre–turnaround planning
  • Flange inspection
  • Repair tracking
  • In turnaround reporting & post turnaround reports

Pre-turnaround Planning & Implementation

Implementation process

Hierarchy Structure

  • Facility, units, equipment, components & flange connection

Attribute Information

  • Specification & process information, drawings (P&ID, ISO etc.)
  • Component information

Data Form Criteria Inspection Form, ITP and Repair Procedure

  • Acceptance criteria, KPIs and reports

Field verify and validate

  • Verify attribute information
  • RFID SmartTag installation
  • Pre-disassembly verification

Documenting The Process

Field inspection verify & validate

  • System isolation point and blind install and/or removal
  • Equipment ready for maintenance and inspection
  • Manway access has been opened for internal access and ventilation, avoid breaking open equipment that has not been isolated
  • Field accessibility of procedures, drawing and build of materials for reference

Mobile technology to document conditions & repair

  • Visual inspection at the beginning of the turnaround to plan any additional unknown repairs
  • Real-time notification of any field issues and visibility immediately
  • Reference photos and documentation of as-found field condition to assist administration and engineering to make repair decisions
  • Digitally create repair plans to distribute for approval and planning
  • In-field tracking of repairs to deliver real-time progress updates on percent completed
  • Quickly track when repairs are complete, so reinspections can be completed to avoid delays

Proper reassembly procedure

  • Correct gaskets, bolts, and flange components are being replaced and/or used per specification
  • All components are in working alignments without defect, and void of isolation and start up leaks
  • Field validation of facility torque procedure specifications and requirements
  • Report to show current system status as soon as it is 100% verified that blind placement and isolation has been achieved

Time management & global accessibility

  • Reports to show any defects identified as a flange is inspected so parts can be expedited to correct the defects
  • Field accessibility of procedures, drawings and build of materials for reference
  • Instant summary reports of any issues and repairs
  • Dashboards and KPIs visible to anyone with proper access
  • Post-turnaround data to help assist with planning for the next outage