Flange Management

Increased reliability, Performance & Long-term
Cost Reduction

Critical Flange Management

PK Technology’s Flange Management solution provides clients with a digital solution to track critical flanges. This service provides the client with a real-time tracking system of the progress and chokepoints during a turnaround. Images of each flange face can be reviewed in virtual, real-time, giving the client greater transparency and certainty of flange repair or replacement decisions. To date, all projects utilizing PK’s process have been deemed successful by the client, with on-schedule completion and a leak-free start-up. Coupling PK services with out in-house developed technology, intelliSPEC™ provides clients with:

Accuracy of data due to consistent mobile inspection forms

Efficiency of inspection by controlled workflow process within an IDMS

Cost savings due to the identification of anomalies resulting in repairs & maintenance instead of replacement

Notifications of identified safety issues to prevent shut downs, catastrophic events or personal injury

Compliance data collection & control of critical procedural execution in the field

Inspection Planning / Implementation

PK Technology Specialty Services for Flange Management Tracking can assist with all Turn-Around process. Planning is the most critical part of all Turn-Around projects and PK Technology works alongside the client’s on-site TAR Planning Group / Engineering Group to increase trackability and efficiency of the project.

The flange management & planning process

Mobile Technology to document conditions

  • Proper gaskets, bolts and flange components replaced and/ or used per specifications
  • All components working in alignment without defect, and void of isolation and start-up leaks
  • Field validation of facility torque procedure specifications and requirements
  • Report showing current status as soon as it is 100% verified that blind placement and isolation has been achieved

Time Management / Global Accessibility

  • Reports showing any defects identified as a flange is inspected so parts can be expedited to correct defects
  • Field accessibility of procedures, drawing and build of materials for reference

Document the disassembly of bolt flanges & blind installation

field inspection verify & validate

Qualified Personnel

Secure cloud-based interactive web portal with data storage system

Suite of innovative features and integrated tools for efficient review of inspection and prior

Client-based configuration of Work Pack/ repair planning and project tracking

Business Intelligence – customized data analysis, dashboard, and reporting integrated tools