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Who We Are

PK Technology is part of PK Companies Group, LLC. PK Companies was established in 1997 and is family-owned by three brothers. PK Companies consist of PK Safety, PK Industrial, PK Technology and PK Solutions. PK works in and/or shipped to 50 states and 5 countries providing industrial specialty services to the oil, gas, petrochemical, aerospace, commercial & manufacturing industries. PK provides a “Higher Level of Protection” through revolutionary innovation and industry-leading methodologies. PK has evolved through specialty services by meeting and exceeding the high demand for quality contractors in the industry. 

PK Technology began operations and software development in 2008. PK Technology is the pioneer of mobile inspection in the industry with in-house software development pre-dating the release of the original iPad. As industry demand for the software increased, along with the internal desire to continue innovation, PK formed a new company, PK Solutions, dedicated solely to software development. PK Solutions focuses on developing cloud-based, enterprise-scale solutions and hardware for workforce connectivity and maintenance & asset integrity management systems. PK Technology utilizes in-house developed software, intelliSPEC™,  to optimize and expedite inspection services related to coatings, passive fire prevention, ladders and platform inspections safety inspections, storage tank inspections, corrosion under insulation inspection and bolt inspection technology, as well as API, NACE, CWI and OSHA compliance activities in the offshore and onshore, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

By utilizing our in-house developed software and solutions, PK Technology can optimize our workforce and increase time on tools. Our clients, by their calculation, have experienced up to a 40% reduction in man-hours due to our workflow and technology. This man-hour reduction coupled with the almost instantaneous access to the data collected translates to not only significant savings in the real cost of the inspection activities but also a reduced liability by needing fewer contractors on-site to accomplish the same tasks and the ability to take action on data potentially preventing a PSM event.

Company Profile

For more than 10 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

We serve clients across North America in many different capacities and many different industries.

  • Inspection Services (API, NACE, CWI, OSHA Compliance)
  • RBI & MI Data Management
  • Onshore Specialty Services, Critical Flange Management, OSHA Compliance
  • New Construction, EPC, Weld Quality and Tracking, Vedor Surveillance
  • Offshore Fabric Maintenance, MI, NDE
  • Turnaround Readiness Reviews and Mentors

We serve clients across North America in many different capacities and many different industries.

  • Mobile Technology
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Digital Data Management
  • Expert Personnel
  • Complete Transparency
More Efficient Than Traditional Methods
Data Transparency
Data Management
Customer Focused