Your Data: Any Time. Any Place. Any Device.


What is intelliSPEC™?

intelliSPEC™ is a cloud-based software that acts as a central hub for data collection. With intelliSPEC™, we can import historical data from legacy databases and then compare and blend that data with new data at the point of collection. Our team can then export scrubbed and updated data back into the legacy database. intelliSPEC™ provides complete accessibility of data with KPIs and analytics on the data, validation of compliance measures to assist clients with making better data-driven business decisions in near real-time. 

Created in 2010 & is supported by a team based in the U.S.

Developed to digitize inspection activites in the Oil & Gas industry

Currently in use in 26 countries with 1000+ unique users


intelliSPEC™ has set solutions for clients that can be used out-of-the-box or the ability to configure those solutions to meet the needs and requirements set by the client. Our team can also custom build digital solutions to meet the client’s needs. intelliSPEC™ has the capability to interface with any legacy IDMS database such as Meridum, Visions, Capstone, Maximo, SAP and Primavera, etc.


  • Forms
  • PCMS
  • P6
  • Word/Excel
  • Drawings
  • SAP


  • Safety
  • Inspection

  • Maintenance

  • Schedule
  • Time on Tools
  • Work Packs / Work Orders
  • Digital On-Stream Inspections
  • Budget Tracking
  • Fireproofing Assessments Budgeting/Planning
  • Coatings Assessments
  • CMMS Asset Validation & Mass Data Transfer
  • Vendor Surveillance
  • Digital Turnover Reports
  • QA Activities
  • Weld Tracking
  • Digital Wall Charts with P6 & Inspections
  • Live Updates
  • Critical Flange Management
  • Operator Rounds
  • Energy Isolation
  • Blind Points
  • Operator Training
  • Digital Permitting