Coating, Corrosion & Fire Proofing

Coating, Corrosion & Fire Proofing Services

PK Technology offers a proprietary risk assessment program based on existing coatings & passive fire protection (PFP) to determine the health, safety and protection of assets and people in the event of a fire, and provides analytical diagnostic tools for monitoring control of coating & PFP maintenance needs.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection has an important function as a critical safety device. When passive fire protection is in good condition and properly maintained, it can be relied on to do its job

Fire proofing condition survey

  • Initial baseline survey
  • KPIs to prioritize repairs
  • Manage the repair process
  • QA for the repairs
  • Project management
  • Resurvey
  • Fire envelope study
  • PFP condition assessment
  • Executive summary of each survey
  • Access to secure portal
  • Copy of all PFP maps created