Offshore Inspection

Offshore Inspection

Ensure productivity, reliability and safety through our in-house industry experts and technology.

As a leading inspection contractor, PK Technology is a first choice for clients requiring efficient and effective inspection management systems. Whether the job requires data management, safety goals or inspection services, our experienced team of inspectors and industry leading software is guaranteed to streamline efficiency while reducing costs.


intelliSPEC™ Supports Your Inspection Management

By implementing intelliSPEC™ and the mobile platform, clients will see vast improvements of documenting inspections, inspection accuracy and inspection consistency for fixed equipment and piping assets. intelliSPEC™ is the only mobile software on the market with a direct link into the PCMS platform. intelliSPEC’s PCMS interoperability provides the only “single source” inspection management solution that provides an array of elements to achieve a company’s integrity initiatives.

intelliSPEC™ Improves