Turnaround Management & Services

A Turnaround is a scheduled event wherein an entire process unit of an industrial plant (refinery, petrochemical plant, power plant, pulp mill, etc.) is taken offstream for an extended period of time for revamp and/or renewal. Turnaround is a blanket term that encompasses more specific terms such as I&Ts (inspection & testing), debottlenecking projects, revamps and catalyst regeneration projects.

Turnarounds are expensive both in terms of lost production while the process unity is offline and in terms of direct cost for the labor, tools, heavy equipment and materials used to execute the project. Turnarounds can affect the company’s bottom line if mismanaged and posses unique project management characteristics. PK Technology is the only contractor that has a digital turnaround assessment tool to complement our expert personnel.

PK Technology provides comprehensive and digital turnaround services. PK Technology has the most innovative approach to our turnaround inspection services and planning assessment tools.  We provide the highest quality turnaround solutions that not only reduce your turnaround costs, but keep your turnaround on or ahead of schedule. We are the only company that can offer a true digital turnaround solution that provides a pre-turnaround assessment tool and post-turnaround documentation the minute activities are complete.

A turnaround inspection program typically involves several steps:

  • Pre-Turnaround Planning
  • Pre-Turnaround Inspections
  • Turnaround Execution
  • Post-Turnaround Documentation

Turnaround QA/QC Services

PK Technology’s API or AWS certified inspectors are experienced in the quality assurance of fabrication shop surveillance making sure that shop fabrication processes are up to the client’s standard. Our experts, through the use of technology, provide our clients with transparency and accountability of vendors through every step of the project, ensuring those on site are following protocol and best practices in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Inspections are an integral part of all turnarounds and should be conducted for a number of reasons. The main reason is without high quality inspections, damaged equipment may continue to go unnoticed and eventually fail unexpectedly during regular operations. This not only could be detrimental due to the lost production during a potential shutdown, but it could cause a significant safety incident at the facility. PK Technology provides the expertise, experience and technology needed to instill confidence and provide transparency. Our process provides real-time data from the field allowing management the ability to make faster, smart and safer decisions.

Post-Turnaround Documentation

Once the turnaround is complete, facility operators have gathered and amassed large amounts of data. With traditional turnaround contractors, this pile of data must be entered into reports and submitted. This process is very time consuming and is prone to data entry errors. PK Technology, through the use of intelliSPEC, collects and submits data on a daily basis for real-time information. Once all turnaround activities are complete, only PK Technology’s process has the ability to instantly submit digital post turnaround reports and documentation.

Planning & Execution Management

PK Technology’s turnaround planning and execution management provides services and technology for the implementation of intelliSPEC’s task tracker tool and our proprietary turnaround assessment tool. The task tracking tool is used to track exchanger tasks associated with the P6 schedule through digital wall charts and reports. The turnaround assessment tool is the most comprehensive tool available and provides a flexible approach to the assessment process through internal peer review without support, internal pier review with third party facilitator and third party industry experts to facilitate and provide input/opinion.

Digital Turnaround Assessment