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What We Offer

PK Technology is a full-service inspection company that employs some of the industry’s top personnel. We provide a full line of support to service the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and pipeline industries. By combining our expert services with proprietary mobile technology, intelliSPEC™, our offerings are unmatched by any other inspection contractor.

What We Do


We provide digital information about the current condition of the equipment in question and validate reliability predictions


Comprehensive and innovative turnaround services coupled with our proprietary digital turnaround assessment technology

Coatings, Corrosion & Fireproofing Management

Coating and corrosion management programs

Flange Management & Planning

We focus on the needs of small to middle-market businesses

Why People Trust Us

PK Technology provides inspection services through intelligent solutions designed to deliver complete transparency and comprehensive knowledge to assist owner clients with making better data-driven business decisions. Moving from “thinking” to “knowing”.


Strategically placed across the United States with best in business asset integrity management and technological expertise.


Operational experts servicing onshore, offshore and other diverse industries with technical expertise on implementing asset integrity management with innovative mobile technology.

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