Coating & Fabric Maintenance

Coating & Fabric Maintenance

PK Technology offers a proprietary risk assessment program based on existing coatings & passive fire protection (PFP) to determine the health, safety and protection of assets and people in the event of a fire, and provides analytical diagnostic tools for monitoring control of coating & PFP maintenance needs.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection has an important function as a critical safety device. When passive fire protection is in good condition and properly maintained, it can be relied on to do it’s job

Fire proofing condition survey

  • Falling object hazards
  • Mechanical damage
  • Cracking
  • Steam and water ingress
  • Sphere tanks and vessel skirts
  • PFP removed and not replaces
  • Maintenance by design
  • Fire envelope study
  • PFP condition assessment
  • Executive summary of each survey
  • Access to secure portal
  • Copy of all PFP maps created

Fabric Maintenance

PK Technology’s Fabric Maintenance Program can provide a full life cycle, digital coating program that encompasses the initial survey through coating application. Our program allows you to vastly improve new construction coating effort and the longer-term fabric maintenance program that follows. Utilizing the full life cycle approach, you can integrate all phases of the work and provide your stake holders with a score board showing the progress of the effort with KPI reports and real-time program updates. This methodology will provide better control over your daily and monthly scheduling assuring timely completion of the work. These improvements will further optimize the overall effort and cost resulting in a long-term coating reliability program. Implementing a successful program requires that the full life cycle process is followed. While it requires sound planning and execution, it is more than worth the effort. PK Technology can scale up and scale down the process based on client needs and situation.