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is in asset and integrity management in the oil, gas and chemical industries. This evolves from the success of their sister companies, PK Industrial and PK Safety. With the vision for a better way to solve complex industry issues and relying on their advanced knowledge and professional skills, PK Technology was born.


PK Technology provides unique solutions to increase productivity and accuracy by giving owners the tools to fully manage their assets.


We build solutions that break down existing barriers by creating robust and user friendly tools of productivity.

PK Technology's in-house software development team has over 75 years of combined software and mobile application development experience.


We create individualized and customized solutions for your specific industry needs.

PK Technology also can meet your inspection needs.


We have a full staff of NACE certified inspectors on both onshore and off shore settings.


Contact PK Technology today to receive a quote on a full service inspection process

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Copyright © 2016 PK TECHNOLOGY. All rights reserved.